What to Expect with FaceTime’s Latest Features



Apple Gives FaceTime New Functions To Play With

Last week, we mentioned how FaceTime will become available for Android and PC users on the web. Well, it also appears from the WWDC 2021 that more features are coming to the iPhone version. If you read through them carefully, you’ll notice how it’s doing its best to beat competitor apps like Zoom.

One of the top new options is sending scheduled meeting links to others. While this option may have been available for iPhone, you can now send them to Android and PC members too. It means you can share links on Whatsapp and other platforms even if they don’t have iOS. The attendees will also receive a calendar notification if enabled.

FaceTime’s Latest Features

Following hot on the success of Teleplay is SharePlay. You’ll be able to watch videos and listen to music with other members in the meeting, which you can do for business or entertainment purposes. Some of the partners who are buying into this partnership include Hulu, Disney+, and Twitch. You should also expect some Apple products to participate.

Finally, Spatial Audio will give you the sense that you’re sitting in the same room as the other attendees. There are also wide spectrum and voice isolation features, where the former boosts ambient sounds and the other blocks them. 

As you can see, there are plenty of tools coming to FaceTime, and we don’t even have the full list yet. We can’t wait to see what else is on the table.

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