Is FaceTime coming to Mac OS and Windows?

Elena Santos

The Apple fan phenomenon feeds a lot on rumors. The latest one to hit the front pages of all Mac-related blogs worldwide is that Apple is planning to add support for FaceTime to its native IM client, iChat. Even harder to believe, they say Apple is also working on a FaceTime application… for Windows.


The news was first spread by Mac4ever, a French blog that’s earned a reputation for predicting lots of new Apple products like the Magic Mouse and the iPad. The idea is simply great; I’ve tried FaceTime on the iPhone 4 and it works like a charm, so it would be awesome to be able to enjoy this new way of communication with even more people when it spreads on to more platforms.

On the downside, the hypothetical desktop FaceTime client has a big competitor: Skype. The current king of desktop-based videochat is not going to let go of its crown so easily, so I guess Apple still has a lot of work to do here. As with any other Mac-related rumor, these stories should be taken with precaution.

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